Grace Notes: June 12, 2024 – Rev. Kimberley Debus

from Rev. Kimberley Debus

Thank you all for the wonderful questions offered at last week’s service. There were, of course, too many to answer in person, but the good news is that I’ve written or preached about many of them! So, as promised, here are some links that may offer some answers to more of your questions:

My sermon After Life offers some Unitarian Universalist perspectives on what happens when we die.

An Incomplete and Utter History of Unitarian Universalism will offer some historical background on the development of our faith and our theology, in a somewhat cheeky style.

To the several questions about why Unitarian Universalists might believe in and talk about God, I have never addressed it head-on, but I talk about the idea of god in the three-sermon series Singing About God: part one, part two, and part three. You may also find some perspectives in this pamphlet from the UUA. Also, to be clear, no one has to believe in a higher power. It is ultimately up for each of us to decide whether there is some force within us, among us, or around us.

To the several questions about whether we’re doomed, or is there hope for the future: I have talked about this question in several sermons, including Enough Is Enough, When is Black Future Month, and Rethinking Darwin. For a deeper dive, I recommend the books Hospicing Modernity by Vanessa Machado de Oliveira, and After the Good News by Nancy McDonald Ladd. Personally, I’m a hopeful realist; things are hard, there’s harm and awfulness in the world, but I believe we have an instinct for survival and evolved to be compassionate and cooperative.

Finally (and yes, this was a question), they will complete the work on the Bronx River Parkway about the time they finish the Purple Line on the DC Metro… by which I mean probably just in time to start construction and repair work again.

Keep thinking about and talking about your questions with one another and with Rev. Danielle. As we sang on Sunday, to question is the answer, so keep ’em coming!

See you all Sunday!

Rev. Kimberley