Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is a seven-member group elected by the congregation. The purpose of the Board is to represent and lead the membership in pursuit of CUUC’s vision and mission statements. The Board recognizes its obligation to govern CUUC under the rules and regulations of the State of New York, in accordance with its bylaws, policies, and procedures.

Current Board of Trustee members for 2023-24 are:

  • Creighton Cray, chair
  • Terri Kung, vice chair
  • Nicole Klemens, secretary
  • Chris Kortlandt, treasurer
  • Christine Haran
  • Gail Johnston
  • Scott Damashek

Key tasks the board performs include:

  • Identifying and promoting congregational activities, functions, and programs aligned with the vision and mission statements. The Board will engage the paid and volunteer personnel, and secure the financial resources necessary to implement these objectives.
  • Initiating policy and being accountable to the membership of CUUC for competent, conscientious, and effective governance.
  • Establishing priorities that are reflected by the initiatives identified at its annual retreat and in the approved annual budget.
  • Leading congregational fundraising and stewardship.
  • Re-evaluating and (if necessary) updating CUUC’s Vision and Mission Statements at least once every seven years.

CUUC Program Council

CUUCWP Interior

The objective of the Program Council is to:

  • To keep friends and members connected to the congregation;
  • Provide update on Board initiatives and other key initiatives;
  • To coordinate the congregational calendar, thus avoid conflicts, increasing collaboration and decreasing missteps; and
  • To act as a body to run new ideas by for initial thoughts.


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