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Your Unitarian Universalist journey is one that has the potential to slowly transform your life. Journey Groups are small groups that hold theme-based monthly meetings in which attendees explore their deepest values and inner voices. Facilitators provide formative spaces where individuals can nurture their spiritual journeys collectively and without judgment. Together, we can grow in depth and spiritual maturity. We do this by exploring together the significant issues — such as faith, death, forgiveness, hope, justice, love, and brokenness — on which religions, at their best, have always guided people to greater insight.

Journey Groups meet once a month for 10 months (September through June). You’ll find them tremendously valuable, and you won’t want to miss a single one. However, even if you miss most of your group meetings, you’ll still find it valuable to attend occasionally or read the monthly packet on your own. Signing up does not commit you to attend — we just need to know which group you’ll go to when you do have a chance.

Click here for the June 2024 Journey Group Packet: Releasing (Note: This will be the last new packet until September 2024.)

Click here for all past Journey Group Packets.

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