Worship and Additional Programs


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Worship is the holding up of that which has worth in our lives. We worship through music, song, reading, meditation, story, discussions, ritual, ceremony, celebration and movement. We invite parents to attend worship services with their children whenever they would like to. Worship is a time to gather in community, reflect on our beliefs and experience the things that make us unique.

Whole Congregation, All Ages Worship Service

Worship in the sanctuary is a ritual we share with all ages. Young people are a vital part of our community and the way we welcome young people directly affects the way they respond to religious community, the divine, and one another. When all ages stay in the service for the full hour, we offer a quiet activity area where young people can sit on the floor and move around while being in community, and experiencing  the words, music, and rituals of our shared faith. 

Chapel (K-6th)

In a worship experience designed especially for K-6th graders and led by our Director of Religious Exploration and Faith Development, we will explore our theme of Beliefs and Belonging more deeply, naming our shared values and covenant, and what it means to be part of a living tradition where we bring our whole selves to faith community – our race, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, abilities, religious heritage and other identities.

“My wife and I came to CUUC after a long period without any religious connection, mainly to give our children a better moral and ethical grounding without imposing a particular set of beliefs. The RE program has encouraged them to develop their own values and beliefs, awakening their compassion for others, and has also transformed us as parents through teaching and volunteering.” -Al R.

Additional Programs 

These programs offer additional opportunities for multigenerational relationship building. 

Justice & Equity

The RE Collaboration affirms that work to promote equity, inclusion, and diversity is not optional for our faith but a spiritual practice and necessary to fully live into the values of our faith. Core in Unitarian Universalism is a call to action that carries with it a responsibility to support our young people as they learn to carry our UU values into the world. Our young people need to know our history, how to navigate their own socialization, and how to center the voices and experiences of people with historically marginalized identities. We partner with the CUUC Social Justice Teams, supporting existing initiatives and affording our young people opportunities to find their voice and passion. 


A group of children outside in greenland with an adult leading the group

Children, youth, and adults participate in PlaceKeeping activities that foster curiosity about and connection to place. Activities are shaped around the practice of people, Keepers, who integrate themselves with the patterns of life around us, getting to know the inhabitants and speaking for them as we look to the future. Our children and youth participate in Keeper groups – WaterKeepers, AnimalKeepers, EarthKeepers – to learn about the life around us, sharing “wow” experiences that deepen our sense of wonder and awe, and connect with our sacred place.

Community Building 

Each month, we have fun community building activities for all ages. Join us for game nights, sing-a-longs, dance parties, picnics and more! Consult our calendar for dates.


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