MUSIC: Sun Sep 10, 2023 – Adam Kent

Serene, turbulent, purifying – this Sunday’s musical selections celebrate water in all its manifestations and the ways we wallow in it or bridge over it. Read on for programming details and stay tuned for spoken introductions.

Gathering Music – Adam Kent, piano
from Poems of the Sea ~ Ernest Bloch
“At Sea”

Deep River ~ Traditional Spiritual, arr. by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” ~ Paul Simon

Anthem – CUUC Choir – directed by Lisa N. Meyer and accompanied by Georgianna Pappas
“I Am the River” ~ Amy F. Bernon

Traveling Music:
From Années de Pèlerinage Première Année “Suisse” (Years of Pilgrimage First Year “Switzerland”) ~ Franz Liszt
Au lac de Wallenstadt