MUSIC: Sun Mar 17 – Adam Kent

This Sunday’s solo piano selections highlight March as Women’s History Month, with music by women from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Part of collective liberation is partaking in the rich heritage of music from a demographic which was frequently marginalized in a male-dominated profession. We marvel at the diverse range of beauty conveyed in these composers’ music, and can only wonder at the voices silenced by historical gender inequality. Read on for programming details.

Gathering Music: Adam Kent, piano
From Portraits in Jazz: “A Taste of Bass,” “The Monk” ~ Valerie Capers
Scarf Dance, Op. 37 ⋅ La morenita, Op. 67 ~ Cécile Chaminade

Mazurka in G Minor, Op. 6, No. 3 ~ Clara Wieck Schumann

“Removalist Rag” ~ Elena Kats-Chernin

Parting Music:
“Dusty, a Rag” ~ May Aufderheid