MUSIC: Sun Jun 18 – Adam Kent

A wide range of music by composers of African descent representing diverse historical periods and styles is featured in this morning’s Juneteenth celebration. Read on for programming details and stay tuned for spoken introductions.

Gathering Music: Adam Kent, piano

Troubled Waters
Margaret Bonds

Birmingham Breakdown
It Don’t Mean a Thing
Duke Ellington

Opening Music:
Peacherine Rag
Scott Joplin

Adagio in F Minor
Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges*

*The subject of the recent movie “Chevalier,” the eighteenth-century composer St. Georges was a native of Guadeloupe, emigrated as a child to France, and established himself as a leading composer in the pre-revolutionary French court.

Offertory (recording):
“Why Can’t We Live Together?”
Timmy Thomas

Kim and Christian Force, vocals and piano
“What’s Going On?”
Marvin Gaye

Postlude (recording):
“Nos Estamos Levantando” (We Are Rising)
Taína Asili